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Team building

Team building: catena di mani unite
We think that a team building activity should aspire to build and strengthen relationships between people that share the same workplace. During this kind of activities, participants have to face several situations that lead to act beyond everyday mental and behavioural work environment schemes. We are sure that the most important goal of a team building activity is to stand out personal and team strong points in a no-conditioning environment. With this method, we can focus and act on two different level:
  • to do together (work together to reach common goals)
  • to stay together (sharing spaces, time, emotions for cooperation and socialization needs)

In few words, EventiAvanti>> proposes the DoandStaytogether concept. We believe this is both the only recipe to reach goals and the right way to do the activity proposed. It is possible to reach the goal only by building meaningful relationships inside the team.

EventiAvanti>> proposes several different Team Building activities:

EventiAvanti>> Team Building Conventions Shows from EventiAvanti on Vimeo.

Cooking team building

Cooking team building: Cake dough making
Cooking team building: Cake dough making
Often, in a big restaurant kitchen, everything goes right thanks to the harmony among the staff. We are sure that this harmony can be created (or better must be created) in other work environments.

Cooking can be a valid alternative to other type of Team Building, regardless the pleasure in creating delicious dishes.

Between our cooking proposals there are moments dedicated to senses valorisation (i.e. wine tests and tastes, for smell and taste development).

Team building: Wine tasting
Cooking team building: wine tasting
EventiAvanti>> pay attention on food waste reduction too. In this sense, we destine every food remains from our events to charity institutions.

Creative team building

Creative team building: short movie making
Creative team building: short movie making
Creativity is often a quality that only other people can see. "I've always dreamed to have the possibility to set my fantasy free" said once a participant "and in this team building activity I've got the chance to do it involving my colleagues. I found out some aspect of their personality I didn't know, and I learnt to appreciate them more".

In creative team building activities, everyone has the possibility to express his emotional intelligence involving other people and getting involved himself. For years, EventiAvanti>> has organized this creative team building to support team cohesiveness, underlining single qualities both in artistic creativity (i.e. video or short film creation, printmaking or musical/theatre plot writing) and in free creativity (i.e. the creation of a new game with its rules).

Indoor team building

Indoor team building: the making of a role-playing game
Indoor team building: the making of a role-playing game
Indoor activities proposes the "Do and Stay together" concept in little spaces too. Different activities are included in our indoor team building events, from problem solving and leadership exercises to communication activities (using both theatrical improvisation and business theatre).

We like quoting an anecdote about the italian writer Emilio Salgari: it is said that he wrote his books, all set in exotical locations, without going beyond the Adriatic See. This kind of approach is often adopted in our indoor activities too, because fantasy and creativity has no boundary.

Musical team building

Musical team building: musical set-up
Musical team building: musical set-up
"What do you do in musical team building?" This is what our customers often ask us. Sometimes, to joke with them, we simply answer: "We have a lot of fun... working in team." Actually, reality is not so simple.

Musical or choir performances, song interpretation or text writing are all a metaphor for the teamwork in business. Participants will learn teamwork strategies used in this kind of activities and re-elaborate them in daily business environment.

The purpose is that the choir structure will remain the same also in different work environments. EventiAvanti>> co-operates with professional artists from musical world without forgetting that "We have a lot of fun... working in team".

Outdoor team building

Outdoor team building: briefing before the 'go'
Outdoor team building: briefing before the 'go'
Outdoor team building means activities in direct contact with nature. This is only one of the many ways to learn how to stay together using natural environments as background to help and simplify interpersonal relationships.

Our outdoor team building proposals follow seasons. It is possible to practice these activities in different location, both in Italian regions and in foreign countries.

During this events, we propose the use of bicycles, mountain bikes, vintage cars, quads, snow cats and sled dogs. Moreover, we also organize orienteering activities (by foot and by bike), Nordic walking, trekking, rafting, archery and canyoning. Always with a deep contact with nature.

Our offer includes some activities in urban locations too, in which you can discover different aspects of the city using new technologies and apps.

Other outdoor activities, in natural contexts, are based on exercises and competitions focused on teamwork, trust and collaboration.

Recreational team building

Recreational team building: jumping
Recreational team building: the team game principle
"All grow-ups were once children. But only few of them remember it"
- Le petit prince

We've been having the privilege to organize recreational team building activities for years and every time we are surprised to see the participant's satisfaction. Participants, often, remain more satisfied than they would ever admit.

Building a recreational activity along with colleague and co-workers, changing and adding rules to the activity, finding new solutions with team creativity and adjusting them on group needs and characteristics...
These are some points of a recreational team building activity that can have a social or solidarity turn up.

Recreational team building: 5 players football
Our recreational team building activity can be chosen among different team activities, starting from traditional game made with natural and poor object to new ones like using virtual reality technology.

Solidarity team building

Solidarity team building: building a playhouse for children
Solidarity team building: building a playhouse for children
In 2002, EventiAvanti>> started to support different ethical projects leading to the organization of Solidarity Team Building.

DOandSTAY Together

- To do together (work together to reach common goals) - To stay together (sharing spaces, time, emotions for cooperation and socialization need)

This is the perfect formula to reach a goal and the right approach for the team building activity proposed. That is the reason why EventiAvanti>> supports the idea of Solidarity Team Building.
We like this definition of solidarity:

united with others with the purpose, with the action and ready to share tasks and responsibility. To be, to feel, to show support to someone

This is our idea of solidarity: to be ready to share tasks and responsibility for someone. That is the reason why we organize activity in which time and resources are used in favour of someone else, someone that is in a moment of need.

We can find time for solidarity in every moment, place and activity. Only if we want it.

Our proposal is: give us a little part of your time, your ability and we will try to turn them in something useful for someone else. Anyway, the first to take advantage of this activity will always be the participant.

This is our distinctive trait: solidarity for people in moment of need. We are sure that this trait is common in many people and we only would like to stimulate it. Reaching one common goal is possible only by building significant and important relationship.

Solidarity and social team building

We saw general managers wearing a red nose to make kids laugh, technicians and engineers teaching multiplication tables, secretaries preparing party decoration, sales managers playing, singing and organizing dance competition for aged people. Colleagues running for solidarity, directors building toys and equipment for disabled, stager creating their own solidarity project.

We've met people, faces, emotions... we'd like to know you too!

Our Solidarity Team Building activities can be organized in every location with several time duration based on needs and goals. Some partners of ours are directly involved in solidarity project and different are the realities in which we have worked.

Sport team building

Sport team building: rafting
Sport team building: rafting
Our vision of a Sport Team Building is actualized in different sport activities, both indoor and outdoor, that leads to the creation of synergy among the people involved. The aim is always to reach common goals using team and coach metaphors in different sport activities.

Among the different sport activities we usually propose, sailing take up a large part.

Sport team building: sailing
Sport team building: sailing
In the last 10 years, we've been one of the main exponent of this activity, focusing on concept as role division, method and rules used in sailing.

We organized several sailing activities during important sports events, i.e. during the America’s Cup European edition in Valencia and Naples. This thanks to a strong cooperation with a sailing base in Procida Island.

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